Clone of YCSB with support for time series data bases

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YCSB-TS is a fork of YCSB that is adopted to use basic time domain functions and support timestamps and timeranges. It is used in TSDBBench to measure the performance of time series databases (TSDBs). To achieve this, many new workload options are introduced, as well as bindings for many TSDBs.

The benchmark is usually executed using Overlord.

Supported databases are tracked at http://tsdbbench.github.io/Overlord/#supported-databases.

Getting Started

  • To build the full distribution, with all database bindings: mvn clean package
  • The usage is the same as original YCSB, see the documentation here.

Additional Information

  • Everything was tested and used on Debian Jessie x64, but should work on Ubuntu.
    • Ubuntu has different package names for a lot of the packages, you need to find and change them
  • Logfiles/Benchmark Results are stored compressed as .ydc Files

Development Information


TSDBBench received funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the context of the project NEMAR.